A common pain

Injury can strike at any time, in any way, and can be caused by simply twisting slowly, or another seemingly insignificant movement. The resulting pain can be distressing and can cause problems for weeks, sometimes even months.

Not the best of stories, you can appreciate.

One of the most common injuries around is a problem with the knee. The Australian Orthopaedic Association National Joint Replacement Registry reports a startling statistic which shows the overall prevalence of this problem – knee surgery has increased 60% over the last ten years, and around 85,000 Australians have had knee surgery as a result of an injury or wear and tear.

If you have ever, or are currently suffering, with a knee problem then you will know how painful and inconvenient they can be. Thankfully there is plenty of help at hand, especially when treatment is sought early on.

Here at Eastern Chiropractic we are committed to helping anyone suffering from a troublesome knee problem, giving the best treatment options available. Balwyn chiropractor, Nereo Rigoni, is highly experienced in skilled chiropractic exercises, helping to free sufferers from pain and discomfort.

Of course, the reasons for a knee injury can be many, and this can be due a sporting injury, a simple twist and turn, or a more chronic issue, such as osteoporosis or arthritis. Our knees are the largest joints in our bodies, and because of that they bear our weight throughout life, giving us a solid foundation to move. Protecting them and seeking treatment quickly when there is a problem is imperative.

Referred pain is another reason for knee pain, and this is basically a pain from somewhere else in the body which presents itself in the knees in the form of pain. This is most commonly from the lower back, hips, or a nerve compression in the lower back. A mechanical problem with the feet, ankles, hips or pelvis can be also contributed to knee pain.

A knee injury can severe, and this is when help is needed in the first instance. A posterior cruciate ligament tear for example, this is something which can cause severe pain and immobility, and if not treated can cause problems in later life, restricting movement. A less severe, but still very painful problem could be a Baker’s cyst, which presses on the joint and causes pain in varying degrees.

You might be thinking that we’re painting a very bleak picture, but there is help if you look for it. Orthotics and chiropractic methods are both very successful ways to treat knee pain, gentle and holistic, giving you a great chance of recovery. Chiropractic involves gentle exercises and movements to free up the area, restore balance, and help kick-start the body’s own natural healing processes. On top of this, orthotics can be prescribed to correct imbalances, which may be putting pressure on the joints and causing pain.

Following an in-depth consultation, your chiropractor will put together the best possible treatment plan for you, giving you the best chance of success in ridding yourself of knee pain.

If you are at all concerned about knee pain, injury, or wear and tear, don’t hesitate to call the practice now on 9857 4503 to arrange an appointment. We can certainly give you a brighter future when it comes to freeing yourself from the distressing pain which a knee problem can cause.