Why Choose Chiropractic For Pain Caused By Postural Problems?

Why Choose Chiropractic For Pain Caused By Postural Problems?

It might surprise you to know how many of the aches and pains we accept as ‘normal’ as we get older, can be attributed to poor posture over time. If you are saying to yourself that this cannot possibly apply to you as you always try to sit straight and walk tall, just like your parents taught you, think again!

Do you:-

  • Spend a lot of time bent over your smart phone, or texting friends?
  • Answer the phone and then bend your head to hold the receiver between your ear and your shoulder to leave your hands free to get on with other jobs?
  • Work at a computer desk where you cannot comfortably rest your feet flat on the floor, or you lean forward a lot of the time to view the screen and use the keyboard?

If you answered yes to any of the above, you almost certainly experience pain either your neck, shoulders, hips or lower back or any combination of these areas. Chiropractic can help you to regain your natural balance and achieve proper posture – and get rid of those aches and pains!

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Why Is Good Posture Important?

When we hear ‘good posture’ many of us think of ‘catwalk’ models practicing a gliding walk with a book balanced on their heads. Good posture is, more accurately defined, as having the right amount of muscle tension to keep all of our body parts properly supported whether we are standing up, sitting or lying down.

Luckily, we do not have to think about our posture 24/7 – as when everything is working as it should, our muscles and ligaments do the job for us – keeping our bodies in balance as we move.


When we have good posture:-

  • We carry out all the daily activities we need to, with the minimum amount of strain on those muscles and ligaments that make it all possible.
  • We have a reduced risk of injury to our backs in particular, because there is minimal stress on the ligaments supporting our spinal joints.
  • Our bones and joints are properly aligned, thus reducing wear and tear as we age and the potential for developing degenerative conditions such as arthritis.

For this to all go on, ‘behind the scenes’ without us even giving it a thought, we need:

  • Our muscles to be strong and flexible enough for the activities that we do
  • Our joints to move freely with the fullest possible range of movement
  • Our bodies to be in balance, left and right of our spinal column

Choose Chiropractic For Effective, Long-Term Results

If the vertebrae in our spine are out of alignment, this causes stress and excessive strain on the joints themselves and on the muscles and ligaments around them. This affects our posture and can lead to pain and injury. Chiropractic treatment is very effective at addressing the pain experienced as a result of incorrect posture.

At Eastern Chiropractic Centre our chiropractor, Nereo, can also:-

  • Advise you on how to improve your posture by recommending exercises that will help strengthen those core postural muscles
  • Analyze your daily activities and show you how to develop correct posture during your work and leisure activities that will minimize the risk of further pain and injury.

As we mentioned earlier, these problems can creep up on us over time and are not going to disappear overnight but, calling us on 9857 4503 to arrange a consultation is a great first step!